Hacken is a product to protect personal information on Blockchain!!

Are you an Internet user?
And I’m sure one thing is that your personal information may have been leaked without your knowledge.

In fact, the Internet is an essential part of the present life, what it offers from the beginning so far and even in the future is something we need to be proud of. created. But creating a certain product always has good and bad things, it always exists in anything we don’t want to have.

Hacker attacks always make us worry about your personal information and things related to your property. You know, I was also the victim of an attack that hackers stole and used my information to place orders without my knowledge. This is really annoying and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.

So what do I want to share with you for?

Yes, I’m a technology enthusiast, especially my interest in Blockchain. And as far as I have witnessed even technologies like Blockchain have suffered from Hacker attacks many times. The extent of the magnetic attack on the cryptocurency market also depends on what the hacker’s purpose is, but this is really a bad thing for Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, today I will share with you a blockchain project that it is implementing to help ensure our information.


As a gift and energy to return Hacken community to them trust and support. All have experience, partnerships, cybersecurity expertise and tokenomics available in one app. Everybody is trying to find an answer which will provide them with some peace of mind without having any expert cybersecurity knowledge. There’s a product that does exactly this.

HackenAI owned network security of users by constantly monitoring all threats and potential flaws and immediately prompt users with detailed, timely information. It even suggests steps to attenuate the risks of exploitation.

The solutions that Hacken brings.

  • CyberBootCamp:

CyberBootCamp is a user’s personal guide in the world of cybersecurity. Users are going to be rewarded with HAI tokens in like a 1 month subscription fee for the HackenAI app. After completing the BootCamp, the user will receive additional tradeable HAI tokens and cybersecurity expert status.

  • DarkNet Monitoring:

Identity theft products allow you to trace your identity on the dark web and receive notifications if your information is compromised or found online.

  • Password Manager:

HackenAI security storage is secured against all sorts of network attacks, including sim swaps, viruses, malware and more. Using advanced encryption, you’ll copy your passwords and store them in HackenAI’s secure memory with only one click.

  • Digital Wallet:

HackenAI digital wallets are secured with advanced encryption technology and support many various blockchains, including VeChainThor and more. the most place to store and deposit your HAI tokens, exclusive NFT collections.


HAI is HackenAi’s token that is considered as a very important product, based on the VET platform I think it fits the feature this project is building.


This project is probably going to need a lot of support from us, I think with a product that helps the user. What I think is good for this project, is that we need to actively introduce this product to more people. And I am also very proud to be the companion to introduce this project to everyone.











Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5238602


Bitcointalk user: Totmonyke

Bitcointalk link profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2722879




I want richman. I wish will have verry money !!And i am trying work it ~~ follow me. See my work !!

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Tot Monyke

Tot Monyke

I want richman. I wish will have verry money !!And i am trying work it ~~ follow me. See my work !!

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