Futurov: The most potential new project in 2021, Futurov is a user owned entertainment DAO, aggregator and multi-media NFT hub coming to V/AR.



DeFi or decentralized finance may be a priority stage if it does not require the application of blockchain technology within conventional international finance. DeFi’s central premise rejects the centralized nature of ordinary economic institutions and banks, with DeFi structures and developers working to recreate the standard financial infrastructure on non-software centralized or peer architecture. Many of the most prominent limitations that developers and traders face are issues such as smart deal loopholes, governance, consumer mistakes, scalability, capabilities troubles. Interactive. Most of the recent NFTs projects that have appeared recently do not show that they have a plan and are well-prepared, this trend is creating a lot of fever in the market in which it is happening. And in this article I want to share with you about a project that I have followed in the pastime and indeed the potential of this project is extremely great, now please join me to find out details about it.


Futurov is a Blockchain-based Ecosystem that provides a one-of-a-kind network for accessing censorship-resistant and immutable news, entertainment, and non-profit media outlets through open Blockchain technology and the OTT protocol. Futurov employs a one-of-a-kind algorithm that allows content producers all over the world to monetize the free market and equally reward creators, contributors, and consumers. Futurov would be a safe haven for streaming enthusiasts as well as content makers, offering a more accessible forum and barrier-free knowledge for its customers. Their portal does not require registration or Know-Your-Process (KYC), which is unquestionably unsafe. Its customers Simply download the program to conveniently and transparently experience a range of Live or Indirect Video Playback facilities from every country in the world. Futurov has the ambition to succeed in a world market other than that until they achieve the ability required to leverage on global markets by exponential economies of scale through hosting every TV station, Film, TV Show, and Documentary in history on an irreversible and productive distributed ledger. Often, exclusive releases are made when the most incredible inventions are funded by the Futurov community-run Originals reserve, resulting in a fully community-driven ecosystem.

Futurov developed a new feed structure that can be viewed globally, as well as news sources that are both localized and decentralized in their ecosystem, integration of live streaming with numerous other networks, and full independence for content producers without fear of a shared restriction scheme. Users will be able to take advantage of a multi-functional framework that will be introduced where the Futurov portal will launch the NFT Film and it will be released in the future so that users can VR or AR Collections in one ecosystem. Furthermore, Futurov aims to be a place where users can become a modern portal that helps them to gain crypto, learn new things, and play a variety of interesting and enjoyable games. Futurov’s unique Blockchain ecosystem for everyone will develop into its own entity, complete with an autonomous chain and a fully networked network, with the goal of becoming the world’s largest Blockchain-based producer. Futurov aspires to become a decentralized finance infrastructure using Blockchain and smart contracts, and he believes he can do so through a fully community-driven system.

The App: The Futurov App is live and you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows through https://app.futurov.tv/ You can also download the FTV mobile app on Google Play. Download the app here.


The FTV team will be taking screenshots of investor wallets and plans to airdrop the new FTV token to shareholders and liquidity providers who incurred loses. Right now, the FTV team are planning on how this will take place but investors can be rest assured that:

  1. This will not happen again,
  2. This will be corrected,
  3. The FTV team will work with you,
  4. and that Futurov will come back stronger than ever.

OTT App: An ecosystem that allows access to all of the world’s networks. From athletic events and YouTube updates and cryptocurrency sites such as Theta and LBRY.
Originals: A set of all of the above that can eliminate the designers’ constraints and ensure the best quality of their creations.
NFT Launch Pad, Market, and VR / AR Showcase: A space for emerging artists to debut their NFT Films and legendary labels to debut their VR / AR collectibles.
Educational station: A platform where users can gain cryptocurrency when learning about economics, politics, and cryptocurrency ventures.
Social media and p2p review network: Cinema and digital memory are places that people can communicate, participate, and connect.
Memes station: A one-of-a-kind channel devoted to memes, fresh meme content, meme trends, and so on.


Futurov or abbreviated as FTV Token is a token that will serve as a utility token. FTV is based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 8,000,000,000 FTV. Users can use FTV tokens for various purposes, such as getting a portion of revenue, voting rights & limited edition NFT airdrops, etc. FTV tokens can be purchased through exchanges supported by Futurov or via the Futurov application.
Name : Futurov Token
Ticker : FTV
Address : 0xfd2ceaf2a104b2817d8d3252801c52af6b8dae77
Initial Supply : 8,000,000,000
Final Supply: 1,000,000,000

Governance: Token holders suggest, vote and implement cancellations, renewals & additions.
Currency: Being the core currency of the d’app allows for free and instant transactions
Rewards: Token holders receive airdrops (NFT’s). From tickets to events, merch or collectables
Staking: High interest rates for locking in tokens while also earning the rarest of NFT air drops
Engagement: An inflationary fuel token released with community votes deciding tokenomics
Filmanthropy: A TBD % of the fuel tokens will be allocated to industry specific philanthropy


Malik Jan

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Mike Hales

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Indi-Jay Cammish

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Nothing has changed as far as FTV’s plans to change and shake the current market for TV and online streaming. This is just one of those obstacles that we clear along the way. Together Futurov grow and learn and what’s important is we stand strong and have faith in the project and the vision. It can be said that this project is one of the most promising projects for the coming time, I see them have a very effective marketing program to attract people, but in reality, they are and will provide. We have a good ecosystem in this space, there is no doubt that this project will soon be a familiar name in the market soon.

For more information, visit the Futurov project social media

Website : https://futurov.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/futurov_
Telegram : https://t.me/Futurov
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/futurov_dapp/
Tiktok : http://tiktok.com/?@futurov
Github : https://github.com/Futurov-Governance
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0j0xxt4GY2ErxrRs0Dhvyg
Litepaper : https://futurov.com/Litepaper

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