ARCS- Overview of the new personal data platform.

First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone, today I’m going to bring you information about a project related to data that I think is quite good.

First talking about the issue we need to mention is the projects related to cryptocurrencies, I think the people who read this article are all people who have an interest in it. Recently, the electronic convenience market has been really developing recently, there are many projects being formed, especially you need to understand that the demand for data use is also very important to this market, with goals such as so the project I’m about to share below will explore that issue. Because the project was created to become a data bank.

For now, let’s go with me to find out the details of the project that is going on today which is ARCS.


This is a project that has built a complete model of how components will interact and generate revenue to attract users to the platform. It has an advanced mechanism to help secure as well as help users create income from personal information.

When users of the platform will receive benefits in return for agreeing to provide personal information to businesses or organizations in the same network. On the business side, the benefit for them is a source of user data that has been screened and tested with high quality.

To get a better understanding of how it works, you need to look at everything as follows: As everyone knows the data, our habits are all valid, but today most of this data are all taken without our permission. And this project will allow us to solve this problem more effectively: your personal data, when you use the ARCS ecosystem, you get ARX.

And in the foundation of ARCS will have 3 main parts as follows:

Information input: Users provide personal information such as gender, health status, residence, social networks… ARX will then reward the user.

Information storage: The information provided will then be stored on the blockchain. The blockchain platform, thanks to its superior technology and distributed characteristics, cannot be stolen or modified

Information utilization: Businesses or organizations will work with Alre to get APIs to access the database.


Symbol: ARX

Total supply: 20 Bilion ARX

Platform: ERC-20

In this section, I will share with you about the effect of how the project token will be used.

ARX ​​acts as an application coin for the following purposes:

Reward: Users will receive an amount of ARX tokens based on the personal data provided.

Payment: Businesses use ARX tokens to buy data on Alre. Businesses will then process this data according to their needs and offer services to users in the ARCS platform to receive ARX tokens.

Intermediary fee: The Alre project will charge an intermediary fee through ARX when companies purchase data from the Alre platform.

And currently, the ARX token is being traded directly on Kucoin, it can be said that trading on reputable exchanges will make the project more attractive to reach users who are interested in market cryptocurrencies.


I think that with this project, solving the current data leakage problem of many traditional platforms has created a significant attraction, the project also built a mechanism that helps users create. income from their own personal information. And furthermore I find that the project is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will help save development time. And that’s all my personal opinion about this project, hopefully through the information that I also provided about the project will help you gain the necessary knowledge for this project.

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